Have you all ever wondered how your life ends up the way it did in a single moment? Either your world seems to be crashing around you, and you realize what you hold most dear to your heart. Or it’s that song you hear on that drive that makes you rethink that breath of air that hits you face. Or even that person that lights up your world as soon as they come into your sight. Life is crazy, but it’s the moments where we realize that the craziness is disguised in the people of the world that we share. We turn against each other, trying to find reality in what we already know when people are just trying to discover new things. If we stop and really think about it, people are truly amazing. We have evolved into something the world can’t even keep up with. The beautiful mountains may move and the oceans will continue to flow, but people change every second whether than depending on the stability that they always have. We find that harmony in the second we make another smile or finding that new passion that makes you want to be more than what you are. Whether it’s being born or dying, going to college, or bringing a new life to this world, we are the ones that make this world grow. We discover all that this world has to offer and create something better to go with it. It’s that drive that we can’t help but turn the song up, so we can hear the magic that the artist was feeling. It’s that mountain we climbed to get the best view and finally reaching the top. Life is about the small moments, or even the big moments that change our smallness. I hope all of you stand by the ocean and still feel like there’s something so much bigger than you. Because I believe that once you reach for that, there’s only way to go. Up.


Let the rain hit your face. Let the sunshine wake you from your dreams. Let this life be all it can. Change the world, for you and me.




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