Month: July 2017


This past weekend I traveled. Not just a couple hours in a direction but, all the way to the beautiful New York City. I embraced the millions of people walking in Times Square. I tasted the fresh pizza of a local shop and I shopped the many cultures that were set up in the road. It was magnificent.

Traveling tends to waken a deep sense of self. One that is hidden from being constantly afraid of what could happen, if you took a risk to adventure somewhere you’ve never been. One that you catch sight of in your dreams, when after you try to google if those sights are even possible in reality.

Stop hiding in what you already know. You have no idea what else is out there or if it is even better than what you could even dream of. You could discover a whole new you, a whole new happiness.

So here’s a little tribute to traveling: because it makes the world infinite.

We have feet to travel from here,

so fill up the tank or save for the air.

In the beauty of a place or in another without fear,

go where they will take you without a single care.

Life is about the world going around,

because if you don’t follow it, your stuck in one place.

Stop listening to that voice that is just bad sound,

if we didn’t dream we couldn’t go to space.

So take the chance were all intended to,

because if we didn’t travel,

what else can we do?