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May the Queens Reign

Women empowerment…

An exercise that should be practiced regularly between all females.

You know, when it comes down to it, us women need to stand by each other and make each other feel beautiful. If we stand together, all rules that the world figuratively sets for us will be broken.

We are all queens. We all have those days where we just roll out of bed in some leggings and not have a care in the world. We all have those days where we want to beat our face and just strut. Either day or in between should be embraced, because perfection has just been thrown out the window.

We are in a world that embraces our flaws but, sometimes we can still be our own worst critic. Stop being so hard on yourself, because in this world, you could be a rose and he or she could prefer daisies. All women have a specialty about themselves that give them that quality that makes them them. It’s finding their voice after ignoring the crowd. Make it easier for the women around you and dim the noise.




Open Sky, Open Eyes


The sky will always be memorable in your mind, not only because it is endless and full of possibilities, but the way it makes you feel. That moment when you look up at the sky and realize how small you actually are, but in the biggest way. Life has to be taken step at a time and if we just take a breath and see how lucky we actually are, we will see that same sky dances for us.

We worry about the superficial things that make us known. We worry about likes, we worry about impressing, and we most importantly worry about other people’s opinions. I’m not saying if you do this, you are living wrong because if I was I would be a hypocrite. I’m saying that society sets us up to fail and that we are expected to be someone we aren’t but, I’m going to give you all the reasons why it shouldn’t be like that and why YOU are special.

The sky is a painting of life that changes as the day goes, just as we do. It enhances the beauty in every aspect and it accepts that rain has to come. It makes our younger souls want to dance in it and admire the rainbow right afterwards. When we were them, we did dance. We didn’t care about how we looked or who would dance with us but, we just lived. LIVING. Something that we are privileged enough to have and we worry about others lives more than our own. It isn’t your fault that the little voice in the back of your head speaks to you in a negative way because, if you think about it, we have heard it before. People bash what they hate rather than promoting what they love, so that makes us see most things in a negative way. Be different. Be naturally happy and spread that kindness wherever you go because in the long run it won’t just help you but, it will change one life at a time.

Let the colors sing to you and let your own colors shine. This world is anything we want it to be on the ground but the sky will never be touched. Just imagine how much damage we do to this Earth and then the sky still dances with light. Think of who you were and what you believed in and be the person that the younger you would be proud of. Find what made you happy or what will, worry less, and live in moments like these.

There is ONLY ONE of you.






This past weekend I traveled. Not just a couple hours in a direction but, all the way to the beautiful New York City. I embraced the millions of people walking in Times Square. I tasted the fresh pizza of a local shop and I shopped the many cultures that were set up in the road. It was magnificent.

Traveling tends to waken a deep sense of self. One that is hidden from being constantly afraid of what could happen, if you took a risk to adventure somewhere you’ve never been. One that you catch sight of in your dreams, when after you try to google if those sights are even possible in reality.

Stop hiding in what you already know. You have no idea what else is out there or if it is even better than what you could even dream of. You could discover a whole new you, a whole new happiness.

So here’s a little tribute to traveling: because it makes the world infinite.

We have feet to travel from here,

so fill up the tank or save for the air.

In the beauty of a place or in another without fear,

go where they will take you without a single care.

Life is about the world going around,

because if you don’t follow it, your stuck in one place.

Stop listening to that voice that is just bad sound,

if we didn’t dream we couldn’t go to space.

So take the chance were all intended to,

because if we didn’t travel,

what else can we do?






Why He’s Needed When He’s Not



The beginning of something new each time.

Whenever we come to an ending, there are usually two ways of going about it. You hate the other gender for a while or you have that need for it to come back. Sometimes we try so hard to find someone. Not only because we want to move on fast and find that happiness again but, we want to feel needed.

After countless heartbreaks, we lay on the floor, wondering where it all went wrong again. We try to look back at what all we did, even if we didn’t do anything at all. It’s like getting that text message saying “we need to talk,” and we try to find any possible thing that could’ve been worth mentioning. We start thinking how we don’t want that pain of a broken heart again, but something always changes. We start to think about how it was all worth it.

Love comes at the most random times. It’s when we get up off that floor and stop feeling sorry for ourselves. What is a life spent in sorrow? What is a life that is constantly trying to fix what already happened? The best thing we can do is stop screaming into that pillow and just step outside.

We will find happiness someday. Whether it is in the arms of another or a passion we haven’t even discovered yet. It’s not trying to fix something that’s already broken, because we are broken. There is nothing that can just erase the scars or that memory that’s buried in the back of our head. It’s finding something that is worth a try. Because believe me when I say, life gives you so many reasons to try again.

The day I focused on myself, I fell in love again. I fell in love with my state of mind. I tried new things, I spent time with some old friends, and I adventured. Then, I found someone that wanted to join my adventure. Someone that was always there, that knew who I was and who I was trying to be.

Whenever I heard, “Stop trying to force yourself to love, they will come whenever they are suppose to,” I never believed them. It was that chance that I had to be willing to take, and I did. Now I’m off the floor and have opened my heart to endless possibilities.

He challenges me, he supports me, he loves me. He is the one that I hear in the back of my head whenever I am about to make a decision or when I am upset, I can count on his name to pop up on my phone. He gave me a reason to look at the world with a new set of eyes and try to create something that is more than myself.

He is amazing. He is someone that I aspire to be or at least have by my side when I figure me out. So when I say, he is needed when he’s not. It means I know that I can do life on my own but, gave me a reason to not want to. I love who I am and I only intend to grow in the world but, he makes me better.

He was COMPLETELY worth the wait.






Have you all ever wondered how your life ends up the way it did in a single moment? Either your world seems to be crashing around you, and you realize what you hold most dear to your heart. Or it’s that song you hear on that drive that makes you rethink that breath of air that hits you face. Or even that person that lights up your world as soon as they come into your sight. Life is crazy, but it’s the moments where we realize that the craziness is disguised in the people of the world that we share. We turn against each other, trying to find reality in what we already know when people are just trying to discover new things. If we stop and really think about it, people are truly amazing. We have evolved into something the world can’t even keep up with. The beautiful mountains may move and the oceans will continue to flow, but people change every second whether than depending on the stability that they always have. We find that harmony in the second we make another smile or finding that new passion that makes you want to be more than what you are. Whether it’s being born or dying, going to college, or bringing a new life to this world, we are the ones that make this world grow. We discover all that this world has to offer and create something better to go with it. It’s that drive that we can’t help but turn the song up, so we can hear the magic that the artist was feeling. It’s that mountain we climbed to get the best view and finally reaching the top. Life is about the small moments, or even the big moments that change our smallness. I hope all of you stand by the ocean and still feel like there’s something so much bigger than you. Because I believe that once you reach for that, there’s only way to go. Up.


Let the rain hit your face. Let the sunshine wake you from your dreams. Let this life be all it can. Change the world, for you and me.



Be Remembered

Hey babies! I’m going to try something a little different to start back up, let me know what you think of my blog & give me some future ideas you would like to see! Today wasn’t a very sunny day but, I woke up feeling just plain happy. I wanted to change someone’s life today & someone actually told me I did. I truly believe that is what life is about, making that difference in the world. The one that people will tell their kids about & that’s how your name will be remembered. Here is a little poem I have been working on to make your day a little brighter.

You feel that light beat against your face,

and the wind catching your feet.

You have that feeling that you’re in the right place,

that two worlds don’t collide, but just meet.

You embrace that scent of the marigolds,

and listen to the birds sing for you.

You let the happiness fill your soul,

and let it shine on your face too.

You see, life is about the moments when¬†you know you’re alive,

or even the time you feel as if,

this world couldn’t be before your eyes.

So take a chance with fate,

and fly before you fall.

Because when it’s too late,

you can’t gain anything at all.


I hope you guys enjoy this little piece of me, now here is the outside. Today I wore a very loose dress that were covered with stripes and it has a cute little pocket on the front. I added a velvet chocker to add with the striped effect and my black and white converse to tie it all together. Thank you guys for reading, and don’t forget to follow and comment. Also, if you want more check out my instagram: uchic.byken. See you later sunshines!




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